• Full Service Distribution

    We provide storage, pick and pack, delivery, sales and collections services for the brands in our porfolio

  • brand builders

    We love what we do and we put that love into every brand in our catalog. From tradeshows to PADs, we bring marketing opportunities you can't get anywhere else.


    As a group we have been in the industry for a long time and we have the experience to navigate any challenges. We are focused on creating long term value.


award winning rosin

cannabis. delivered.

what our shops say

“Easy to work with. Love their brands and the menu is always changing.”

Seed 2 Soul team is unmatched. Everyone on the team is a professional who is passionate about our industry and takes time to do things the right way. Love seeing them at shows!

Smart team with a lot of passion. Orders are always packed with care and the packing list always matches our invoice.

exclusive distributor

focus v carta

We take pride in both our service , and our products

  • Our Hash

    We understand hash. In fact, we love hash. Our rosin and other hash products are some of the best in the world. Delivered to your shop on ice.

  • Our Flower

    We have respect for our cultivators, and we are fortunate to work with some of the best genetics and farmers

  • Our Edibles

    We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, alternative methods of cannabis consumption through premium in-house and partnership edible products.

  • Our Carts

    We believe in bringing mobile cannabis consumers a wide range of user friendly, high potency vape products with unmatched flavor and unparalleled quality.

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