About Us

At Seed 2 Soul, we recognize secure distribution as the right of an industry that has more than paid its dues. We’ve never seen anything quite like the cannabis business in our lifetime (maybe even in history) so we’ve taken a different approach to  serve dispensaries across the golden state.
Seed 2 Soul has strategically situated fulfillment centers all across California devoted to getting our clients what they want, when they want it. But that’s not what sets us above other distributors.
Our secret? Authenticity.  Our team is composed of real growers and real extractors who have been in this industry well before it was an industry. We understand the plant and the people behind it. 
We also see that a symbiotic  flow is essential for growth. That’s why we maintain a focus on organic cannabis flower, sustainable growing methods, and even recyclable packaging.
Though Seed 2 Soul is primarily recognized for our trusted distribution services, we don’t allow ourselves to be strictly limited to distribution. We utilize a full manufacturing team to produce a variety of in-house products that run the full spectrum of the industry.