Rosin Tech Labs

Rosin Tech Labs launched from Rosin Tech Products, a leader in solventless extraction equipment. We are passionate about our hash. The genetics we ultimately put out as hash are selected after careful consideration by our team. We have been sharing our tech for the last 7 years and our continue to share and learn all the amazing things that can be done with solventless separation. 

Imagine if you could go back to your first golden hit of rosin and live it all over again with the knowledge and discernment you have today. We poured our heart, soul and knowledge into our live rosin formulas to get that same feeling of purity from every hit.

Our home base is situated in Los Angeles, and we source material from all across the state of California. We work with outdoor, greenhouse and indoor - for us the magic of the tricome is how it expresses itself under different circumstances and you never know until you wash it what you're going to get! 
 Our team of hash makers focus on every variable including genetic selection, cultivation practices, harvest and post harvest techniques and of course our extraction sops to maintain the consistency of our hash. We truly care about what we put into our jars and hope you enjoy your solventless experience.