Rosin Tech Labs

   Rosin Tech Labs launched from Rosin Tech Products, a renowned leader in cutting edge solventless extraction equipment, allowing us a place to combine our accumulated knowledge, cutting edge technology and lust for the solventless life to create an unparalleled product.
     Imagine if you could go back to your first golden hit of rosin and live it all over again with the knowledge and discernment you have today. We poured our heart, soul and knowledge into our live rosin formulas to get that same feeling of purity from every hit.
While Rosin Tech Labs is situated in Los Angeles, we curate our sources from the most reputable farms across the state. Most of our material comes directly from the Emerald Triangle where cannabis flower is nurtured into the most exotic and lush terpene profiles in the world.
     Our team of skilled Solventless Extract Artists painstakingly control every variable to maintain the consistency of our premium hash and rosin. Only the highest echelon of our materials makes it into the rosin press, so you know that we’re bringing you our best. And with our recently launched delivery service,  Rosin Tech Labs is making it easier than ever for you to enjoy our top shelf rosin without ever having to step out your door.