Seed 2 Soul 710 Gift Guide


Seed 2 Soul 710 Gift Guide

Seed 2 Soul 710 Gift Guide


420 may be the holiday for all cannabis enthusiasts, but 710 has become the day of the dabs. It’s a chance to celebrate cannabis concentrates in all their glory, and what better way to show your dab loving significant others that you care than with a special 710 gift courtesy of Seed 2 Soul.

Rosin Tech Labs (Garlic Juice #3 Fresh Pressed)

Another dab ready option is RTP’s Emerald Cup winning Garlic Juice #3. Don’t let the name put you off, because this is a seriously herbaceous strain with strong tropical fruit notes that will melt you into the couch. These 1 gram fresh pressed rosin pots make wonderful gifts for 710, so be sure to check out their complete range for more options.

Rosin Tech Labs (Garlic Cookies Cold Cure)

Why not make it simple and gift your beloved dab head with some of the finest live rosin there is? Rosin Tech Labs curates a number of exemplary strains to produce high grade dab ready rosin, and you can't go wrong with some cold cured Garlic Cookies. This potent indica dominant strain is a heady mix of GSC and Chemdawg and produces a strong head and body high. Plus, Rosin Tech Labs cold cures live rosin for incredible flavor and aroma.

Emoji Extracts

If you’re after some quality dabs soaking with complex terpenes for a 710 gift, then look no further than Emoji Extracts. At Emoji, a team of passionate cultivators and extraction artisans work closely to produce cannabis concentrates that will immerse your senses with unparalleled flavor and quality. Furthermore, with a bewildering range of delicious badders and live resin sauces to choose from, picking a favorite will be easier said than done.

Vacation Flower

Maybe you have a friend who just loves to press their own solventless rosin. If that’s the case, then why not get them some buds to press with this 710? Vacation Flower prides themselves on providing high quality cannabis flower that’s not only affordable, but also perfectly tailored towards extraction. So, who’s for some fresh squeezed rosin?

Eureka Vapor

Eureka Vapor have revolutionized the vape game with their high potency broad spectrum oils.  These vape carts contain 100 percent natural cannabis oils that are uncontaminated by pesticides, solvents, and cutting agents like MCT, PG, VG or Vitamin E Acetate. Eureka Vapor is the gold standard for natural cannabis oil vape carts, and there’s none cleaner than these.

Here’s wishing you and your friends a happy 710 from all of us here at Seed 2 Soul!

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