The Benefits of Solventless Extracts


The Benefits of Solventless Extracts


The Benefits of Solventless Extracts


Solventless concentrates like rosin and bubble hash are exploding in popularity, and for a number of good reasons. If you’re new to cannabis concentrates then you might not know the difference between solvent based extracts like BHO and CO2 Oil, and solvent free varieties such as solventless rosin. So for the uninitiated, let’s explore the benefits of solventless extracts and why you should check them out.

Solventless Rosin Makes For The Cleanest Dabs

Solventless extraction methods involve separating the cannabis trichomes from the green plant materials without the use of chemical processing, and that results in the purest and cleanest products possible. Solvent based concentrates on the other hand rely on heavy petrochemicals such as butane to do the extracting, and no matter how well flushed of these chemicals, residual solvents remain in the products you consume.

No Added Ingredients: Unlike BHO and CO2 Oil

The addition of artificial flavorings and cutting agents such as e-acetate have also become common in solvent based extracts, as has chemical post-processes such as ethanol winterizing for example. Solventless extracts however come with no added processing or ingredients, and capture the true essence of cannabis without the need for hidden chems.

100% Natural Products

One of the greatest benefits of solventless extracts are that they’re just pure natural products with no chemical additions or trace solvents present. Flower rosin uses heat and pressure to liquify cannabis oils directly from the plant, and bubble hash production uses nothing more than water to collect the plant's trichomes. That means you know exactly what you're getting when you buy solventless and that's cannabis, and nothing but cannabis.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

What's more is that solventless extracts are made by hand, and with a great deal of care, attention, and love. You don’t just get superb flavor and potent clean hits with concentrates such as solventless rosin, but also a more authentic cannabis experience at the same time.

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