Choosing the Best Strains to Process for Solventless Extraction

Choosing the Best Strains to Process for Solventless Extraction

When it comes to choosing the best strains to process for solventless extraction, there’s a lot to consider. Both the strain and the outright quality of your bud will greatly impact your end results, so knowing the key indicators of cannabis quality and which strains work best will pay dividends down the line. In this guide we’ll show you what to look for when selecting the best cannabis for rosin pressing.


Solventless extraction is all about separating trichomes from the plant materials. That makes it important to select strains with the highest trichome count possible as the more resinous trichomes there are, the more rosin you can squeeze out. Therefore it becomes critical to inspect your cannabis with a magnifying glass to see the quality and quantity of the trichomes present so you can pick the best bud for extraction.


Terpenes are the flavor and aroma producing components of cannabis. The more pungent an aroma cannabis has then the more terpenes it contains, and that results in a more flavorful extraction. So always take time to smell your cannabis and select strains that have the strongest possible aroma, and avoid stale varieties as many of its terpenes will have degraded which will leave your solventless rosin lacking in taste and smell.


Probably the single greatest consideration when it comes to selecting cannabis for solventless extraction is how well it was cultivated. A decent strain cultivated well will always outperform a great strain that has been cultivated poorly so always seek out the most well grown bud you can get your hands on. Ultimately, using cannabis that has been cultivated to its maximum potential will net you the biggest gains when it comes to pressing it into solventless rosin.

Suggested Strains

Once you’ve learned how to assess cultivation quality, trichome density, and terpene content you can turn your attention to selecting suitable strains. Some strains of cannabis simply perform better than others when pressing solventless rosin and there are a number of top performers we would recommend. GG4 aka Gorilla Glue #4 and Chemdawg are great strains to check out, but also take a look at Papaya, GMO aka Garlic Cookies, and any of the “White” strains as they also work beautifully for solventless extraction.

That’s our guide to choosing the best strains to process for solventless extraction. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to select the most suitable cannabis for turning into beautifully potent and flavorful rosin.

A Look at How Monterey Kush Co. Brings Consistency to Cannabis Flower

A Look at How Monterey Kush Co. Brings Consistency to Cannabis Flower

If you’ve talked to one of our reps recently, you’re likely aware that we’re pretty excited to have recently added Monterey Kush Co. to our distribution roster. Though the company was not officially founded until 2018, the minds behind Monterey Kush Co. have amassed 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. They’ve focused that experience on producing one of the most consistent products we’ve found; a result of a strict process that combines knowledge, scrutiny, technology and a massive facility. Let’s take a deeper dive into the process that makes Monterey Kush Co.’s flower all hits with no misses. 

A Year of Rotating Growth Cycles

Monterey Kush Co. consistently produces immersive quality with results that transcend the sensory into a higher echelon of psychoactive experience. And while consistency is often an elusive component of fledgling cannabis brands, Monterey Kush Co. has fine tuned a system that produces reliable results time and time again. While they obviously aren’t going to divulge all their trade secrets, they have shed enough light on their cultivation process to give us a good idea of how they achieve their impressive consistency. It all starts with a mixed-light system that gives the company the benefit of eight flowering cycles annually thanks to the ability to operate without break through the year. Admittedly, this has more to do with how they achieve their heavy yields, but this constant state of cultivation also allows them to iron out their methods without any gaps in between. 

Send in the Clones

The road to consistency starts when clippings are harvested from the Monterey Kush Co. mother stock to facilitate clones. The use of these replanted clones reinforces the root growth vital to a healthy, bountiful crop. This is also where a direct focus on consistency is fostered, since the replanting of the clones maintains a pristine quality to the flower and a homogeneous structure to the canopy. These steps start the cultivation process on the perfect foot for reliable results. The clones will spend anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks in a propagation stage before they are cleared to move on to the next phase of the cultivation process. 

Processes that Guide Consistency

From here, the young plants are transported to a nursery at the Monterey Kush Co. facility where they will spend roughly 8 weeks maturing. During the initial phase of the growth cycle, Monterey Kush Co.’s cultivators implement trellising; a system of ensuring that all bud sites get enough light while reinforcing the growing plant’s structure and creating that homogeneous canopy we mentioned earlier. Vigorous growth is stimulated through a precise watering routine and skilled pruning of the fan leaves. 

Then, it’s onward to the flower house for an 8 to 10 week flowering period. Exactly 10 days before harvesting, the plants are flushed to provide a natural signal for flowering to complete the growth cycle of the plant.

Curing for Quality Cannabis Flower

A dry trimming process known as bucking is then employed to bolster yields while trimmers also remove the fan leaves. Once this is complete, the plants are transported to humidity-controlled rooms where they are hanged as part of the drying phase which typically runs anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Stems are then painstakingly removed before a final round of curing at which point the resulting cannabis flower is cleared for trimming, sorting and processing for sale. Again, this is a simplified overview of Monterey Kush Co’s process but it allows us a unique window into a brand noted for consistent quality. 

Monterey Kush Co. is currently growing some of our favorite cannabis flower in a 500,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art environmental controls that allow them to perfect their quality each step of the way. Interested in bringing consistently high quality bud to your dispensary with equally consistent distribution? Then contact your Seed 2 Soul rep today and ask them about Monterey Kush Co. cannabis flower!