Atrium Cultivation

Located in the heart of California’s verdant Emerald Triangle, Atrium Cultivation offers a luxury cannabis brand for connoisseurs who think they’ve experienced it all. Living in a Golden Age of Cannabis can leave you feeling like there are no more dizzying peaks, but Atrium introduces you to a terpene-rich realm beyond what you’ve ever experienced. Their elite breeding program sources only the rarest, most exotic strains from around the world, offering a cultured, sensory excursion that will take even the most experienced aficionados by surprise.

These fascinatingly unusual immersions are made possible through the exacting techniques of master cultivators from the Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma regions boasting more than 40 years of amassed specialized tradecraft experience.

Working closely with a carefully selected team of expert breeders, extractors and chefs, the Atrium team blends unparalleled creativity with obscure traditions with some of the richest results on the market.

Recognizing that sometimes we need to look to the ancient past to find a new experience, we’ve carefully curated esoteric old-world knowledge and married it to cutting-edge modern cultivation techniques with flavors and bouquets you won’t find anywhere else. Think you’ve had it all? Atrium Cultivation begs to differ.