Cheeba Chews

Homemade cannabis-infused edibles have a reputation for unpredictability. Almost everyone has that story of biting off way more than they could chew and Cheeba Chews recognized that almost desperate need for trustworthy, consistent cannabis edibles that were easy to dose.

In 2009, they began formulating a cannabis edible that had until that point only existed in legend: one that was bursting with delicious flavor, intuitively measured and gave you exactly the kind of experience you wanted with no nasty surprises. 

Cheeba Chews sets a high standard for themselves; one that they exceeded through rigorous independent lab testing, feedback from patients and painstaking trial-and-error. If you’ve ever tried Cheeba Chews, you know that the hard work was worth it. Today, their products line the shelves of some of the biggest dispensaries in the country, providing a wide array of flavors and experiences ranging from highly potent THC to non-psychoactive CBD with its myriad of benefits. They've made it so that anyone who sets foot in a dispensary can find a Cheeba Chews edible that works for their specific need.