Eureka Vapor

     There couldn’t have been a more fitting name for our company than Eureka Vapor considering we were the first to crack the ever elusive formula for high potency broad spectrum oil without the use of any cutting agents. While this revolutionized the vape game, we were just getting started in crafting some of the finest oil on the market. We managed to maintain all of the aromatic qualities, potent effects and complex flavor profiles of your favorite cultivars without sacrificing the top notch quality of the oil.



Our lofty standards are achieved through utilizing state-of-the-art extraction technology with manual operation to ensure our pristine cannabis oil stays 100% natural; uncontaminated by pesticides and solvents and undiluted by cutting agents like MCT, PG, VG or Vitamin E Acetate.

While Eureka’s primary focus remains on bringing you some of the purest high potency cannabis oil on the market, we also provide flavorful cones for flower enthusiasts. Each of our pre-rolls is carefully hand-stuffed for reliable consistency with ¾ gram of premium flower and ¼ gram of our robust distillate.