Soil King Doobies

     Why puff like a peasant when you can smoke like a king? Soil King Doobies come direct from Humboldt’s crowned head of cultivation, presenting 1.25g pre-rolls in hash-infused and non-infused varieties. Soil King’s thumbs are as green as your favorite plant and there are plenty of trade secrets that go into growing his regal court of 21 different cannabis strains and terpenes.



     He owes much of his magic touch to his specially formulated “bioharmonic tonic”, a microbial blend which balances exotic Amazonian herbs and microbes with the electromagnetic power of gemstones to turn even the stubbornest of seeds into bountiful royal subjects.

It may sound like sorcery, but it’s esoteric scientific precision that continues to secure Soil King’s place among the pioneers of cannabis.