Croptober: Everything You Need To Know About Harvest Season


Croptober: Everything You Need To Know About Harvest Season


Croptober: Everything You Need To Know About Harvest Season


Croptober is here, and it's time to celebrate! As the days get shorter and colder, we can take comfort in knowing that our favorite plants are getting ready to be harvested. A lot of work goes into growing cannabis, so this is an important milestone for farmers. The season culminates with harvest parties where growers get together to celebrate their hard work as well as enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

What is Croptober? 

Croptober is the time of year when cannabis farmers harvest their annual crop. While initially it was merely a time of year where cannabis consumers and farmers rejoice alike, it's become more and more branded as cannabis becomes more and more commercialized.

This momentous occasion is followed by a long and careful drying and curing season, where the plants are hung in carefully controlled conditions to allow for optimal preservation of flavor, aroma, and potency. Croptober is now so popular, that has its own Instagram hashtag with over 4.5k posts mentioning it specifically.

The hashtag was created by Rachael Rooney and Leighton Grimme in 2016 as a way for cannabis farmers to share photos of their harvests online. It was inspired by the fact that many growers have started posting pictures on Instagram during this time of year.

Croptober began with a simple idea: to connect people who love cannabis and want to celebrate the harvest. As users shared pictures of their flowers and buds, the hashtag became something much more than just an excuse for people to enjoy some "self-care" after months spent tending to plants in their gardens; it's become a cultural phenomenon!

Farmers get creative with the colorful plants.

Croptober is a time of celebration, but it has humble origins. Farmers spend most of their days working hard and often go unnoticed. But as summer comes to an end and the harvest begins, they sometimes get creative with the colorful plants during harvest. They use different colored lights that are sometimes used to make the plants look more interesting or even help them see the buds better.

But why?

Harvest pictures are a great way to show off your hard work and get some free marketing at the same time. These photos can also be shared on social media, like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, you can share them with other growers by posting them on cannabis forums or other websites.


Drying and curing, or the drying and curing process, is an important part of cannabis consumption and typically happens during or immediately after crops are harvested. This process is crucial for the quality of your final product and should not be rushed. To ensure that you have a good product at the end of all this hard work, you must let your buds dry for at least two weeks after harvesting. The drying phase allows chlorophyll to break down in the leaves while helping cannabinoids (THC) bind with terpenes to create new compounds; these compounds determine what kind of high you will get from consuming your crop. While we're at it, here's some quick tips on drying and curing. 

  • The smaller the flower is at harvest time, the faster it will dry. This means lower stress levels for your plants during their final weeks before harvest as well as faster results for yourself when it comes time for curing!

  • Smaller buds also tend to be easier for people who aren't used to handling large quantities of marijuana at once because they don't require any additional effort when handling them during processing; instead of trying not drop those massive nugs onto themselves from above (like with larger strains), smaller ones would easily fall into small hands without much difficulty at all! Plus there won't be any risk involved with dropping them everywhere like some kind of clumsy idiot either... so there's really no reason why anyone wouldn't choose this option over something else."

The cannabis community is growing and expanding, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. With more states legalizing marijuana and other countries following suit, there has never been a better time to get involved in this industry and share your story with others who are interested in learning about how cannabis can help improve their lives.

By Anthony DiBartolo

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