The Solventless Rosin Revolution


The Solventless Rosin Revolution


The Solventless Rosin Revolution


Cannabis culture has come a long way since the old days of complete prohibition. Legalization has unleashed massive advancements throughout the cannabis industry and also ushered in a host of new cannabis products and consumption methods. The popularity of concentrates for instance has exploded with more and more cannabis enthusiasts turning to dabbing and vaping rather than traditional smoking, and solventless rosin has emerged as the front runner in this new world. This is the solventless revolution.

Dabbing and Cannabis Concentrates

While hashish and cannabis oils have existed for a long time, their popularity was always niche amongst American cannabis users. Smoking cannabis in a joint was for a long time the most popular method of consumption, but with the cultural shift away from unhealthy forms of consumption such as smoking, cannabis concentrates have found a new lease on life. In the last two decades extracts and edibles have come to dominate the market and dabbing has transformed cannabis culture.

Cold cure and fresh press rosin from Rosin Tech Labs.

The Evolution of Rosin

Solventless rosin has humble beginnings and was first created with nothing more than a pair of hair straighteners and parchment paper. The simple application of heat and pressure liquifies and squeezes out the oils in cannabis flower to create an all natural extract for vaping. In time diy rosin presses began to be invented and eventually dedicated commercially produced equipment began to hit the market. Since then the rosin industry has skyrocketed. Not only with people making their own rosin but professional producers stepping up to provide the highest quality rosin en masse.

Solventless Popularity: Why Rosin is Better

Initially, solvent based extracts such as BHO and CO2 oils gained widespread popularity, but thanks to their use of petrochemicals and trace solvents remaining in the extracts consumers quickly began to shift to rosin as an all natural alternative. A more health conscious populous have taken a keen interest in what goes into their consumables and are generally put off by chemical additions and chemical production processes when it comes to choosing what they put in their bodies. As a result, solventless rosin has begun to take over the concentrate game thanks to its cleanliness and superior flavor making it the better choice for many.

Garlic Cookies Rosin Tech Labs solventless rosin.

The Future of Solventless Rosin

Not only is rosin one of the most popular cannabis concentrates today, but the rosin market is still growing and doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon. Rosin extraction companies are setting up at an impressive rate and as a result, more solventless options are available at dispensaries than ever before. Add to that the ability for people to buy a rosin press and make solventless concentrates themselves, and you have a recipe for a continually expanding market place for rosin products and equipment.

The future of solventless rosin isn’t just bright, it’s iridescent, so why not check out some premium rosin the next time you hit the dispensary and see what all the hype is about.

By Anthony DiBartolo

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