Find Out Why We Loved Garlic Breath with Our Garlic Cookies Review


Find Out Why We Loved Garlic Breath with Our Garlic Cookies Review


Find Out Why We Loved Garlic Breath with Our Garlic Cookies Review


Have you ever heard of a flavor combination more appetizing than Garlic Cookies? Yeah, actually, don’t answer that. Yet, the Garlic Cookies strain remains one of the most in-demand cultivars in dispensaries and weed shops across the country and its curious flavor has a lot to do with it. But there’s more to this powerhouse strain than a daring taste sensation. When Divine Genetics initially bred Garlic Cookies, then known as GMO Cookies, it swept the cannabis awards circuit for its juggernaut potency, pungent aroma, indica leaning psychoactive effects… and, yes, flavor that begs comparison to exotic cheeses marinated in some unmentionable funk. These days, you’ll find Garlic Cookies stinking its way through several pseudonyms including GMO, GMO Cookies, Garlic Juice and Gizmoz, but we’re here to tell you that a rose, by any other name, certainly smells as...uh… sweet. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Garlic Cookies may be making you very unpopular with your neighbors this year.

The Composition of the Garlic Cookies Strain

Derived from two much lauded strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, Garlic Cookies is not a cultivar for beginners unless they like doing a cannonball into the deep end. You can expect somewhere around 30% THC from Garlic Cookies with the most potent offerings topping off at 32%. For such a heavy strain, Garlic Cookies is visually light, distinguished by pale green nugget puffs contrasted by deep purple definition and earthy orange pistils. While technically a hybrid, this powerful cultivar has a 90/10 split in favor of indica so, with such high THC levels, you can expect a freight train of body-numbing psychoactive effects. Of course, that’s a huge part of the appeal of Garlic Cookies!

Follow Your Nose

While you may be expecting a swift punch in the mouth from the Garlic Cookies flavor, the strain’s most direct impact is squarely aimed at your nose. To say there’s a lot going on in the aroma of this strain is an understatement. A solid whiff of Garlic Cookies produces strong notes of milky vanilla, dirty diesel and enough garlic fragrance to make an Italian grandmother think the cook is overdoing it. None of these smells is offensive on its own, but when blended together, the resulting stench would peel the paint off the walls of a high school locker room. Imagine the stankest feet stomping through vanilla cupcakes and you’ve not only discovered a new fetish but also the unmistakable odor of Garlic Cookies. But it may surprise you to know that purveyors of the putrid strain (and there are plenty of them) wouldn’t have the stink any other way.

A Surprising Taste Sensation Fortunately, the flavor of the Garlic Cookies strain is nowhere near as foul as its smell. In fact, it’s actually one of the most pleasant aspects of the celebrated cultivar, though it can initially be a challenge to wrap your head around. That silky, milky vanilla creaminess of its Girl Scout Cookies sire is immediately evident in the thick cloud, though there’s a constant undercurrent of petrol-packed garlic. That strangely delectable diesel flavor intensifies significantly on the exhale without completely eclipsing the mellow vanilla sweetness. It may sound like a rough combination but peanut butter and jelly probably got a similar welcoming reception.

The Garlic Cookies Psychoactive Juggernaut

The psychoactive effects of Garlic Cookies are similar to those that made its parent strain, Girl Scout Cookies, such a darling of cannabis connoisseurs. With a heady introduction that grips you almost immediately following that first puff, Garlic Cookies starts you out on a distinctly euphoric foot. But as you’re feeling that instant enlightenment, you may not notice a gradual body high from all that indica taking its hold. One moment, you’re at one with the universe; the next, you’re at one with your couch. Despite its almost instantaneous results, Garlic Cookies’ high has some real longevity to it. It’s an ideal strain for chasing away the blues or any feelings of pain and also serves as a potent sleep aid thanks to that long-lasting body high. Anxiety seems to melt in the face of Garlic Cookies along with a slew of other ailments including headaches, nausea and general inflammation. Of course, 30%+ THC will do that.

We almost always have some form or another of Garlic Cookies available at Seed 2 Soul, so if you want to bring the funk and the noise (or, in this case, the loud), reach out to one of our sales reps and they’ll be happy to help you give your customers some garlic breath!

By Anthony DiBartolo

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