The Unique Benefits of CBD Edibles


The Unique Benefits of CBD Edibles


The Unique Benefits of CBD Edibles


CBD may not have the fun reputation that precedes THC, but this popular cannabis compound has developed a reach to rival its psychoactive cousin. As knowledge of CBD spreads, that reach only continues to grow. No doubt this has a lot to do with the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. In fact, in intensely heavy doses, drowsiness and possibly a faint nausea are the only consequences. You can hit your CBD vape on the way into work, munch on some CBD edibles before operating heavy machinery, or take a puff of CBD wax before that big exam and your performance won’t suffer. Some may even argue it could improve. At Seed 2 Soul, our Cheeba Chews CBD varieties and Green Hornet CBD gummies are always favorites. Today, we’ll break down just a few of the reasons why.


CBD edibles, as is the case with any cannabis edibles, can take a while to reach full impact. Some people report effects as early on as 30 minutes after ingestion, others don’t hit that zenith until a couple hours later. That being said, a few people on our team have felt stirrings just a few minutes after having the THC-based Green Hornet Gummies and Cheeba Chews and, since CBD doesn’t induce psychoactive effects, it’s difficult at times to gauge when CBD edibles are actually hitting us. But what we lose with edibles in quick response time we gain in longevity. In some cases, CBD infused edibles can even last up to 4 hours longer than CBD consumed by other methods! For anyone taking CBD to relieve anxiety or pain, the lengthy effects of CBD edibles are obviously a major benefit.

CBD… It’s as Easy as 123

If you have a Magical Butter Machine, Ardent Nova, or any of the number of home infusers on the market, DIY CBD edibles can be a relatively simple process. But even if you aren’t using an infuser, you can easily purchase CBD oils, extracts and other CBD products that can be substituted into an army of recipes. However, you may wish to use CBD flower in your recipes as opposed to isolated CBD so you won’t lose out on the entourage effect; the unique benefits one can experience when CBD interacts with other compounds in the cannabis plant, such as specific terpenes. However, an intrinsic benefit of using isolated CBD in your recipes is its accuracy in dosing.

CBD Edibles Offer a Reduced Risk

When it comes to risks we take in life, using CBD in any form is admittedly pretty low on the list. But when it comes to smoking or vaping CBD, we’d be remiss if we claimed there was no potential risk whatsoever. This has nothing to do with the CBD itself and everything to do with smoking and vaping. We already know that there’s a significant risk to smoking but research is still being gathered on the long-term effects of vaping. However, it’s widely believed that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. While the jury’s still out on what sort of hazardous chemicals one may or may not be ingesting through vaping oil, you can bypass the entire mess by eating your CBD instead. Your throat and lungs will thank you! And that’s just one more reason why we see Green Hornet gummies and Cheeba Chews CBD varieties flying off the shelves so consistently.

Leveling Out THC’s Psychoactive Impact

Even the veterans among us have overdone it now and then. You know the feeling; Sunday afternoon with not a single responsibility in sight so you figure “Why not get absolutely faded?” And 10 minutes later, the in-laws call saying they’re in the neighborhood so they may as well drop in and say hi. Now, we know some in laws out there are more likely to ask you to pass the rig than object, but we can’t all be so lucky. Fortunately, for the circumstances where we bite off more THC than we can chew, we can level things out a bit with CBD edibles. Finding support in a 2013 study, it is widely indicated that ingesting CBD can reduce the psychoactive effects of THC to some degree, perhaps not completely grounding you but anchoring you to a more comfortable height. For this reason, you may want to invest in our Trifecta packs of Green Hornet gummies or at least keep some Cheeba Chews CBD close at hand.

Getting the Right Dose

Dosing CBD may not initially seem as vital as getting a THC dose right, but if you take too little CBD, you may not end up getting the relief you need. Dosing CBD edibles is far more reliable in accuracy than vaping it or smoking it. If you look at our Cheeba Chews CBD bites, you’ll see they’re measured out in precisely dosed squares for your convenience. This means you’ll never have to worry about taking too much and wasting it or taking too little and not getting the intended benefits.

The Height of Discretion

While there is a certain style and chic aesthetic that comes from taking a well-timed puff off a sleek, sophisticated vape pen, it’s not always the vibe we’re trying to put out there. For those times when discretion is paramount, CBD infused edibles can really come in handy. Many CBD edibles come in bite sized pieces with precisely measured doses. For example, both Green Hornet gummies and Cheeba Chews CBD squares come in 10mg doses that you can discreetly eat pretty much anywhere without getting any glances. For those unversed on the purported benefits of CBD, research and anecdotal evidence have shown it to work as a potent anti-inflammatory and it has been used to treat anxiety, certain forms of epilepsy, and even as a sleep aid (though other users have cautioned that the right dose of CBD can actually perk someone up rather than help them sleep). Of course, much like THC, its effects can vary from person to person and much more research is needed to clarify the benefits and efficacy of the popular cannabis compound. But when we look at the continued popularity of Cheeba Chews CBD and Green Hornet CBD Gummies, we tend to believe the hype.

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