How Many Cheeba Chews Should You Start With?


How Many Cheeba Chews Should You Start With?


How Many Cheeba Chews Should You Start With?


Cheeba Chews is an edible brand that needs very little introduction. We can remember when they were making a big buzz in Colorado as one of the hottest (if not the hottest) edible on the market years ago and they’ve only risen in popularity since, expanding to now be available in 5 states. One of the reasons Cheeba Chews have stood the test of time is their uncompromising quality which lends itself to their renowned potency. You never want to underestimate cannabis edibles but that rule goes double for Cheeba Chews. Most people can gauge our edibles responsibly, but there are occasionally self-professed heavy smokers who start out too strong and end up with a much heavier experience than they were anticipating. Yet, for every 9 people we meet that overestimate their tolerance, there’s one who swears they started with something like 5 pieces and didn’t feel anything. So today we’re going to break down a comfortable way to get acclimated to Cheeba Chews (and other cannabis edibles for that matter) without actually biting off more than you can chew. 

Cannabis Edibles with Precision Dosage

Cheeba Chews (not to mention Green Hornet cannabis gummies) are designed with the intent of easy dosage measurement. In the days of DIY cannabis edibles (not to say those days are completely behind us), there was an element of chance to a pan of pot brownies. Even if the cannabis was evenly distributed throughout the mix, it was tough to gauge the potency of the finished batch until it was already in our systems. And for some of us, that was too late. We were already on the Gravitron with no way off. But with Cheeba Chews, we’ve got the formula down to a science. You know for sure that each square packs 10mg of THC… no more, no less. Now, some of you may be afraid 10mg is still too much for your tolerance but when you start breaking down the individual 10mg squares, the actual mg count gets a bit more difficult to measure with confident accuracy. For those people, we’d recommend the Cheeba Chews wellness option which allows you to easily microdose in pre-portioned 5mg increments. Green Hornet also just released their trifecta gummy cannabis edibles that each contain 10mg THC, 10mg CBD and 10mg CBG for a more balanced effect. 

Start Low and Build as You Go

We recommend starting low and working your way up in 10mg increments. In our experience, even heavy cannabis users can feel a solid psychoactive impact with just 2 pieces of 10mg Cheeba Chews squares, especially if they’re unversed in how edibles work with their personal body chemistry. It can be tempting to underestimate these doses, especially since the measurements are so clearly defined, but keep in mind that cannabis edibles affect the body differently than when THC is smoked or vaped. The activation takes significantly longer but the effects typically sustain for a longer period of time as well. And most people will tell you it’s a different experience altogether. With Cheeba Chews available in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties, the type you choose can also impact your psychoactive response.


Minimal Effects After Several Cheeba Chews

In very rare circumstances, we’ve been contacted by customers who popped several 10mg Cheeba Chews pieces over a period of an hour or two but only felt the slightest effects. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend reviewing what you’ve eaten prior to having your Cheeba Chews. There’s not one solution that works for everyone in this circumstance, but we’ve seen stronger effects when Cheeba Chews are consumed on an empty stomach. We’ve also heard that some users felt stronger effects from eating a snack heavy in fats (think peanut butter, olive oil, etc.) about 45 minutes prior to eating their Cheeba Chews. Again, most people can enjoy Cheeba Chews without needing to strategize, but if you’re not having as strong of an experience as you’d expect from cannabis edibles, experimenting with the conditions in which you’re consuming them can be rewarding. 

Whether you’re looking to become one with your couch or want an easily measurable microdose, Cheeba Chews can be your perfect introduction to cannabis edibles. But a miscalculated introduction to edibles can be enough to scare away even heavy cannabis users. Starting low and building as you go will help you to have the kind of experience that’s made Cheeba Chews such a renowned brand in the cannabis community. Chews wisely!

By Anthony DiBartolo

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